Happy Mother’s Day

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Happy Mother's Day: Inspiring Mom Entrepreneurs | The Fresh Exchange

In honor of Mother’s Day and the first true onset to what will feel like Summer for most of us (maybe finally Spring for others), but I thought I would share with you a few moms who, in my eyes, make me excited about being a mom. Of course, my own mom is #1 on that list for hundreds of reasons. I mean, let’s be honest, she somehow dealt with raising a girl who refused to wear dresses, wanted to finger paint and gather bugs and frogs all day, and now I own my own business and love traveling the world. I basically will take all the parenting advice I can get as she somehow figured out how to raise an independent girl without squashing my dreams or making me conform to what everyone said I should have been. That is pretty inspiring to think about, the more I think about starting our own family one day.

Besides my mom being my obvious #1 inspiration in the motherhood department, I have also found a few other ladies I either personally know or feel privileged to have a glimpse, via social media and blogging, to watch them grow and exemplify their ideas of being a business owner and mom. As an entrepreneur who also wants a family one day, I constantly am thinking, how will this be possible. Some days it feels like it wouldn’t be hard at all and other days I feel thankful that time has not come. Although I know you are never ready, I have found watching and chatting with women entrepreneurs like Cortney Fletcher helped me realize, you don’t have to give up on entrepreneurship or your life the moment you enter motherhood. Instead, they have made me, realize your life simply becomes more beautiful and more fulfilling, which is a perspective too often gets lost in the rush and craziness of it all.

Now there are a hundred moms I could list that inspire me and will continue to as we get that much closer to one day having our own family, but these ladies are ones that really have been standing out to me as of late. I would love to hear some of the ladies that you find inspiring that are both entrepreneurs and moms.

Happy Mother's Day: Inspiring Mom Entrepreneurs | The Fresh Exchange

Photo by: Greer Inez

Kathleen Shannon:
Kathleen and I have been blog friends for a while. Ever since we shared a room at DesignerVaca nearly 3 years ago we have been very close and I count myself lucky to have her in my life. She has influenced me more than anyone else on how to run a business, have a wonderful and fulfilling life, and balance it all. I remember having conversations together while she was pregnant about her fears about bringing this little one into the world and how she knew it would change everything. She told me something that still sticks in my head to this day, family doesn’t make the slices in your pie smaller, but simply only makes the whole pie larger and more full. Now, seeing her run a business, be a mom, and in fact be even better at what she does everyday makes me see how truly real those words are.

Happy Mother's Day: Inspiring Mom Entrepreneurs | The Fresh Exchange

Photo by Maria del Rio

Courtney Klein:
This lady and her husband, Zach Klein are truly living and chasing all their dreams. We have been fans of this power couple since college, as Zach Co-founded Vimeo, is the CEO of DIY, and also began a site called Svpply, not to mention Mike’s man crush. Now together they have launched, Storq, that is all about moms and the essential items for pregnancy that don’t compromise style. It is brilliant and actually for the first time I think pregnancy is honestly stylish. Courtney and Zach are about to welcome a little one in the next months into their life and her article in Mother Mag was really awesome. Not only that Zach wrote an awesome exert on his blog about what he has already learned about parenthood. Watching this couple makes Mike and I realize that there is a beautiful and a wonderful balance to what it means to be entrepreneurs and parents. Keep it coming!

Happy Mother's Day: Inspiring Mom Entrepreneurs | The Fresh Exchange

Jane Riley:
I have been buddies with Jane for a while via the design blogging world and DesignerVaca. This lady came last year at 32 weeks and my goodness she wasn’t about to let being a mom to her second stand in the way of enjoying time with her lady friends. She shared all about how she balances it all as a designer and mom. Not only is she majorly stylish mama, but she is really killing it in the design at the same time! Truly love spending time with this lady and cannot wait to see her this fall in Palm Springs.

Happy Mother's Day: Inspiring Mom Entrepreneurs | The Fresh Exchange

Joy Cho:
I have also been a long time fan of Joy’s blog and style. I believe she might have one of the first blogs I started reading. She has always been a wonderful inspiration with an honest voice and a strong grasp on being an entrepreneur. Watching her become a mom was super inspirational, from her honest posts about her struggle to stay present and be there for Ruthie to even announcing #2 was on the way. She honestly shares about the struggle to find a balance each day with everything, and I am sure there are tough tough days. Joy has and always will be an inspiration for me in how to build a brand, be a mom, and truly live your passions out each day.

So Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there! Whether you are still keeping it a secret (I know a few of you out there 😉 ) or you are in the depths of diapers. I hope that the heart shaped pancakes with strawberries on top and the jumbled bouquets of dandelions from the front yard warm your heart and remind you that even on the tough days you are appreciated and loved.


Happy Mother's Day: Inspiring Mom Entrepreneurs | The Fresh Exchange

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Happy Weekend friends!!!

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