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Oh, it feels good to be here writing this post. We have been working all week to tie up all of our projects for the year so, for the first time, we can begin a nearly 1 month off from work and projects with Wild Measure. We will still be blogging other than the week between Christmas and New Years, but our client work is on hold until January 12th. This is meant to give our minds time to recharge, recover, and spend some time preparing to create in the new year for new clients. Life has been busy just has it been for everyone and though we have tried hard to find the magic in the season, our minds have been elsewhere. As business owners, we have never turned off like this before, so it is weird to think about, but I am ready for it. I feel it is necessary to regroup and spend some time feeding our souls without a nagging to-do list in our heads.

We are heading up to the mountains and will be in Asheville for the weekend. We are meeting Mike’s parents there before we all come to spend Christmas in Raleigh. We have never really “done” Asheville so ANY recommendations would be amazing!

This week I want to leave you with some articles and things that really challenged me recently. I hope you find rest as you prepare to enter this special time of year.


1. Kate has been killing it with these two blog posts about self-awareness and the boxes we place those around us in.

2. During our break I plan to read some and I currently have Make Your Mark on my list. Do you have anything on your reading list?

3. Erin Loechner has been speaking everything I have needed to hear lately. I always have applauded her voice and honesty as a blogger. This post was one that I really loved these last few weeks.

4. Garance on Simplicity…Enough said.

5. I have watched this too many times and I am just dreaming of going one day to see even half of this gorgeous place.

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