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When I woke up this morning I was thinking about what makes us call a place home?  How do we define where our heart is meant to live? Can we be content anywhere else but that one place?

What brought this all on was walking outside this morning and the fog rising off the snow since the ground was colder than the air. There was this faint smell of Spring in the air and birds chirping. My warm cup of coffee kept me warm.

I wondered why it is that Traverse City feels so deeply like home to me? I moved a lot as a kid but always called the shores of Lake Michigan home even when I lived in the hills of Kentucky. There just has always been something about the season changes, the smell of pines, the faint scent of fish in the summer, the sight of the lake any time of the year, and how simple and slow life can be.

It made me wonder how we all identify that place we call home. I always know I am home when I cuddle into bed next to the one I love and there is this instant overwhelming feeling of comfort.

Everything about the images above made me feel home and I wondered how you all defined home to you. Have you always lived in the same place? Have you been to one place in life and known right away that was where you would always call home? Or do you define it by the people and things that are near you?

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  1. I live in 2 different houses at the same time, but my parents are not divorced. Can you imagine that? I’m from Argentina, and for years my real home was in Otamendi, a little village next to Mar del Plata, the most important seaside city in the country. Because of my studies I was pushed to move to Mar del Plata. That was 9 years ago. And every weekend I go back to my house in Otamendi. Unfortunately I don’t belong to neither of the cities. In Otamendi I am “the one who studies in the big city”, and in Mar del Plata I am “the country girl”. I strongly believe that “your home is where you make it” and I’ve decided to make love my home. That’s why I find a home in a hug, in laugh and a friendly smile.
    And I love my HOME.

  2. Such a lovely post. There really is something special about living near the Lake Michigan shore. I’ve been in Holland almost 6 years now, and it really is a remarkable thing. Something about the seasons and the charming shops- I really enjoy it. Plus, so many wonderful day trips. I’m glad I can appreciate Michigan now. Will it always be home? I don’t know. Home is that sense of unguarded comfort- wherever that may be. Mine will hopefully always include sand, dogs and my other half.

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