In The Garden

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Today is about simplicity, enjoying the quiet, and relaxing in any way possible. To me this means a morning spent in the garden. Here you can pick tomatoes to the sound of crickets and grass hoppers, walk away with your hands smelling of the Earth, and simply just be with no expectations.

I have said many times how much I love Summer simply because of the time I can spend in the garden and growing things. In the garden things are just easy and care free. It reminds me to take it slow more often and to enjoy the littlest things.

So today I am looking forward to walking the beach, pulling fresh veggies from the garden, making a simple meal focused on what is fresh, and laughing with some good friends. To me that is the best kind of day off.

So what are your plans for today? How do you plan to relax? And for all of those that are not in the states, what would you be doing today if you did have a labor day off?

Cheers my dear friends!

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