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Today it is 70 degrees out, there is still large piles of snow in my yard, but I thought it appropriate to take some time to relax. With no vaca since November I have been feeling burnt out as of late. A lot of projects on the burners and making of a lot of decisions lately has me needing a little time away. I decided it would be good to just relax today. I have such a hard time unplugging from work because I love what I do so much, but with the past three nights being spent dreaming in Photoshop, Twitter, and blogging, I think it is probably good to enjoy the sun, read a book from beginning to end, and do some Spring cleaning. Sometimes you have to step away and use your hands in order to make great work.

So if you need a break this me telling you it is okay to do so. When you have a lot going on sometimes it is best to step away in order to keep going. No shame in that my friends.

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  1. So funny that you would write this, because I’ve kinda been taking a mini-break from blogging this week for all the reasons you mentioned. My boyfriend is out of town, so I’m soaking in the alone time, reading, organizing, and having some me time. ♥

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