Loving Now: DLK

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Loving Now: DLK | The Fresh Exchange

I know. I know, you are thinking another kid thing, but don’t knock this post off the list just yet. I am featuring this store because it was one that gave me hope that life with kids didn’t have to be all consuming and full of ugly patterns, cutesy things, and bad color combos. When I started following Design Life Kids on instagram, I knew I could do the kid thing and it wasn’t going to change my aesthetic. Not only are the tees for adults and kids super cute and well designed, but their selection of products for the home is spot on. They stock some very well-curated products that prove that life with kids doesn’t have to mean it is all flashy and crazy colors coming into your life. Though there is some of that, I am always glad to find a balance.

So, even if you don’t have a kid, you will want to check out this shop. Their home products and adult clothing is great!!! I promise you it won’t disappoint. Plus, if you have a friend who has a baby…voila you know the coolest place to snag a cute something that no one else will be gifting them. Thank me when you are the cool kid at the shower 😉

Loving Now: DLK | The Fresh Exchange

Play Hard Tee  |  Optical Candle  |  Wood Elephant  |  Striped Hi Sweatshirt  |  Modern Coffee Table  |  Bicycle  |  Mini-malist Tank  |  Teddy Bear  |  Triangle Short

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