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Make it Happen, The Fresh Exchange

Make good work. Choose the great from the good. This will set you apart.

So what does that all mean? It means there is power in knowing how to curate your work. I create a lot of things everyday. Not everything is what I feel is great. I have clients I loved working with but the work wasn’t what I feel I honestly want more of whether it be style or whatever. This never means I didn’t give 100%. It just wasn’t where I want to continue going creatively.

Curation can be the line between the work you have been getting and the work you want to get. We all have that dream job as creatives and surprisingly we have more power over attaining that than we may think. Being able to see that in your own work will make that dream job much closer than it ever was before. Just think of it as showing the world who you wish you were 100% of the time. Show your best and you will get the best.

Finally more specifically to bloggers. Your blog is like an art gallery except for inspiration or thoughts. The power of filtering out the good from the great will really help set you apart in your content. There are many posts I write and never post not because they are too personal but I deeply think about each post and if I don’t feel it builds my content it won’t be posted. I make sure each one pushes this place in the right direction I want it to see it go. More isn’t always better but quality and consistency is. So don’t feel guilty and post just to post. Post to post something that will further your blog and brand.

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