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I recently read Steal Like an Artist by Austin Kleon. It was recommended to my by a friend and fellow graphic designer. This book affirmed so many of my thoughts on art, being a creative, and about how to get inspired. I recommend it to anyone wanting to boost their creative levels. It is short and sweet but packed full of brilliant ideas.

I always know a good book when I cannot stop thinking about it and this one instantly challenged me to create more away from the computer. I do 90% of my work on a computer all day. I get worried when I am without a computer and Photoshop. It is how I create and make things happen so when it is not readily available it feels weird. I may never shake that but I want to learn to be less reliant on my devices to be creative.

I never had formal training in typography, hand lettering, or even design for that matter. Most of what I know is completely self-taught. Tons of trial and error and working hard. Also studying other people’s work to understand how they worked (you can catch more of that idea in the Steal Like an Artist book).

I have always felt I was not good with drawing or doodling other than when I am on the computer. So when I was developing the new column I knew instantly this was a way to incorporate a challenge for myself. I wanted to find a way to build my hand written skills but still inspire through so many of the little ideas and lessons that come to me everyday. You have seen some of this on the blog in the past here and here, but I thought I would get more serious and create a personal challenge to create hand lettered pieces every week.

So every week I plan to draw the basic idea by hand. Each week I will hold up the drawing like the image above. No digital work just the straight up hand drawn type. I do not promise they will be perfect but I hope to see a progression of my hand lettering over the next year. I also hope this column will inspire you every Monday to make something happen that week you have been hoping to accomplish or begin. To make it a week that makes you better in some way. It’s a good way to begin.

All that to say I began with this one about creating with your hands. I hope this inspires you all to give yourself a personal challenge of walking away from the computer and creating using as many of your human senses as possible. We were meant to do more than sit in a chair and type all day or move a mouse. The more senses you use while creating the more parts of your brain that are engaged. Thus allowing for deeper creative thought. Holy smokes that should make you want to get out of your chair, right?!

Check back every Monday for more of these snips…next week it won’t be as long πŸ˜‰

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9 Responses

  1. You inspired me to buy this book and I’m so glad I did (I just finished reading it!) It has so many great ideas and now I’m definitely inspired. (I spend a lot of time designing in front of the computer too) Your hand lettering is beautiful and I cant wait to check back to see how it progresses over the next year (:

  2. Great feature- I can’t wait to see how it develops. I’ve been challenging myself to do a similar thing lately- Make a pattern a day by hand. Even if I scan and finish it on the computer, I’ve noticed that when I’m doing something by hand it’s almost meditative. It becomes such a great break from the screen- a great way to reintroduce our minds eye to our hands. (now I want to push myself to do hand lettering-it’s always terrified me!)

  3. Loved your thoughts on this! As bloggers, I think we get sooo much inspiration and expel so much of our creativity online that it often feels strange to create outside of that sphere. I know that I personally get frustrated when I try to be creative outside my blog and because of a lack of practice, the results don’t meet my expectations. Looking forward to the inspiration this feature will provide to step away from the computer!

  4. Megan I think that’s lovely! It looks so personal and happy. Great work, I’m going to buy that book. I’ve heard so many people mention it but I’m going to take the plunge now xx

  5. I love this new feature, Megan! Your first creation is just gorgeous – well done! I just got a book on hand lettering, but haven’t even opened it yet. You’ve encouraged me to try my hand at it (pun intended, ha ha ha). πŸ˜‰

  6. this is just what I was looking for.. I agree.. before the computers I was drawing, taken “analog” pictures and doing art .. in a lot other ways and it was more freeing as it is nowadays! xo

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