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Elva Fields  |  The Fresh Exchange

My obsession with black and the classics has been not so secret since returning from Paris. If you have seen my fashion inspiration pin board you can see I need an intervention. If I were honest I would be okay with wearing black the rest of my life. It is simple, always looks good, and promises to keep things a little thinner than they really may be. So when Elva Fields asked to collaborate I was super excited about using these geometric earrings as inspiration for this shoot.

Elva Fields  |  The Fresh Exchange

Elva Fields  |  The Fresh Exchange

Elva Fields is a super rad, hand crafted, and perfectly unique collection of necklaces and earrings. For even someone like me who likes to keep things super simple, the collection of necklaces are some of the most amazing statement pieces I have ever seen. So I felt pretty honored to be able collaborate with such a cool company. Plus these earrings are so chic, clean cut, and classic. I do not normally wear earrings because I am such a minimalist when it comes to accessories, but these ones had me at hello.

Elva Fields  |  The Fresh Exchange

Elva Fields  |  The Fresh Exchange

I used the design as the inspiration for this moody, super minimal, and raw shoot. I wore my favorite open back black Zara top to allow the earrings to shine and pulled my hair back in a super messy low pony to give the earrings room to work their magic.

Elva Fields  |  The Fresh Exchange

Elva Fields  |  The Fresh Exchange

In the future expect to see more of these little guys because they are now a favorite in my accessory stash…especially for an evening out with friends this time of year. They are that perfect subtle bit of sparkle that makes me feel fancier than I really am 😉

Find more from Elva Fields over in shop!



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    1. THe black and white edit was using filters from VSCO in Lightroom. They have some great filters that give this look. So glad you are enjoying our old content just as much as our new!

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