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Ahhh a new week! There are weeks where Monday feels like the the first page of a new book, or a pile of dirty laundry you’ve been avoiding. At times, I find myself closer to feeling the latter, especially after returning from traveling, but this week I am seeing it as a new beginning. Before leaving for California, Mike and I made the decision that upon returning from our adventures out west, we would take on the challenge of doing our first Whole 30. After three months of a daily workout routine and fairly good diet habits, we felt it was time to take our daily diet as serious as our workouts in order to challenge ourselves to find our healthiest life. Travel and long work days can attract bad habits and derail your well intentioned healthy lifestyle.

If you are like me, you tend to feel bad habits creeping in before they become obvious. I find myself doubting my decisions, falling into an unbalanced sleep pattern, and desiring a beer at 5. Before I know it I am making pizza and quesadillas every night for dinner and my jeans are snugger than they used to be. We have offered ourselves grace in times of stress and a busy schedule, but as we approach our 30’s the random late nights out drinking or an entire week of quesadilla dinners feel more impactful than they used to. Which means we have to be more intentional about caring for ourselves than we did in the past. This means shifts in our schedule, work load, and setting healthy rituals and habits.

With that being said, we are setting aside the next 30 days as an intentional time to focus on setting healthier patterns in our lives. We will be eating from the Whole 30 elimination diet, working out, structuring our work days better, and adding in healthy routines that focus on minimalism in our life. This means our iPhones will not be creeping into the bedroom at night, daily workouts will be scheduled in advance, meetings will only be set on certain days, and we will set aside time for reading and writing. We are not looking to prove anything to ourselves, and will give ourselves grace when we slip, but our goal is to begin to build healthy habits into our daily life. Which is always an ongoing and ever changing process.

We will be sharing our holistic 30, as we have dubbing it, on instagram and snapchat (fresh_exchange) if you want to follow along. If you are looking for a reason to add some healthier habits into your life, we would love to have you along this journey with us. Whether that means attending a yoga class every day for 30 days, reading a book for an hour everyday for 30 days, or even joining in on the Whole 30 diet with us. We would love to have you join us and share your journey with us by using #beginfresh on posts, tweets, and more so we can all share in the experience.

Mondays don’t have to be a daunting pile of dirty laundry, they can be an opportunity to turn a new page and begin fresh.

We hope you join us by sharing your journey using the hashtag #beginfresh. It’s always better when we can all do it together. Let us know what you would choose to make a routine if you joined us during this 30 days. We want to know.

Also, we are experimenting with bulletproof coffee and would love to hear some of your stories… love it? hate it? We have felt almost too caffeinated when we drink it without other food. But it is surprisingly delicious and does make us more focused. Any thoughts are welcome!

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