Monday Words: Trust Your Intuition

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Monday Words: Trust Your Intuition | The Fresh Exchange

There should never be a reason to second-guess your intuition. I can count on my hand the number of times I looked past what my gut told me and I will tell you that each time it was a bad idea not to listen. My gut knew the truth all along, my heart wanted to see something different, and my brain complicated it all. Those times of not trusting my gut aren’t regrets as much as they are lessons. There is always that moment when I have looked back at the beginning of it all and remembered hearing that small whisper in my gut saying, “walk away…this isn’t right.” Many times I can pinpoint the moment I knew it wasn’t going to go well or that it was the wrong move. I probably have a dozen or so of these moments in my life. It has taken me all of my 20’s to learn to recognize when it is my gut speaking to me, but it has taken me much longer to know just exactly when to truly let it be the decider.

In my personal life, it has been harder to decipher than in my work, but both aren’t easy. I always want to see the best in people but over the years I have learned my gut knows better than my heart many times. Sometimes you just don’t want it to be right. That’s the hard part. That’s the part that I don’t know if I or anyone can learn without losing compassion and hope for the good in people.

In my work life, it is all about knowing when something is complete. There are no words to explain how I know when something is ready to be posted or needs more work. I have always just listened to my gut. Having the blog has helped me learn to pull the trigger quicker rather than perfect it over and over again without assurance it will ever be right. I love the process of work, not the perfection of it all the time, and I have learned that through listening to my gut and having a space to let work go out to daily.

Intuition is a funny thing. It can be louder than someone shouting in a small room or as faint as a whisper from across the table in a loud restaurant. It takes time to hear it well and then even more time to know just when to let it be the voice of reason over your heart and your head. Sometimes intuition doesn’t make sense and sometimes it makes so much sense it seems to easy. Allowing ourselves space to hear our gut clearly as well as being open to its decision is important, but takes practice.

This week, be intentional about listening to your gut. Allow it to guide you and don’t over think it. I plan to let my gut win more these days. Too many times my heart has allowed me to worry too much and my brain to make things too complicated. The gut makes it simple.

Happy Monday friends!

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