More Than Ordinary: Ceiling Fans

More than Ordinary: Great Stylish Ceiling Fans | The Fresh Exchange

When we moved into our home, we had two ceiling fans. One was in the living room, though not unattractive, it wasn’t our style. The other one was in our Master Bedroom. With a lower ceiling in our older home, the fan took up much-needed ceiling space. I am not totally sure what they were thinking when they installed it; that fan shouldn’t be in such a small space. We also wanted to add fans into our other two bedrooms. Since, our home is older, and the air doesn’t move around as equally as it should, fans are a great solution to keep the air moving properly.

The problem we ran into almost immediately was when we thought we could find a fan at Lowe’s or Home Depot one weekend. We stood there in the aisles trying to pick one. Ultimately, we hated them all. Either I liked one or could put up with one but Mike hated the number of blades or thought it reminded him of a house he didn’t like as a kid. You know the drill. We returned home frustrated and thought we were bound never to find a good looking ceiling fan. I started researching, and we found our fans and now love them. We still haven’t found a fan we love for our living room just yet (all the ones we do like exceed our $250 budget.) Since, I am nearly 100% sure this isn’t a problem that only Mike and I have ever faced, I thought I would share some of the ones we loved in our research. We ultimately chose the white one from Hunter for our bedrooms. You can see it in this post, and it is just the right size for our spaces though Mike will tell you it took a lot of time to install the first one.

More than Ordinary: Great Stylish Ceiling Fans | The Fresh Exchange

Peregrine Industrial Fan from Rejuvenation  $500  |  Altus Ceiling Fan from Barn Light Electric $347  |  Industrial Modern Ceiling Fan from Emerson $169  |  Modern Loft Ceiling Fan from Emerson $249  |  Falcon LED Ceiling Fan from Rejuvenation $750  |  Modern White Ceiling Fan from Hunter $199

Anyone else had similar conversations with their significant other while standing in the Lowe’s or Home Depot aisle? What about ceiling fans, what are your feelings?


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2 Responses

  1. The fan is perfect, the wall divine, and whatever you decide on the bedside tables and headboard will be great. And although I wouldn’t choose either design for the floor, I’m sure you will make it work. The wall is so beautiful I’d do a lt. gray wash on the floor and call it done, but I don’t have your vision!

  2. This. Is. Definitely a thing. We go through this everytime we move to a new house (and I don’t insist on taking all my lights). I love the Minka aire lights. I managed to take our clear one from our master bedroom when we recently moved. (Kind of looks like the white hunter one but the blades are clear lucite.) Now we are in a new (old house-95 years old) and have a bunch of ugly ceiling fans that have to come down. I am pleased I have my bedroom ceiling fan but now need one for my downstairs. I had to leave the gyro fan I so loved at my previous house (scored it on ebay from someone who bought two-really? You bought two $800+ ceiling fans and didn’t need one). I now love the peregrine one but cringe at that price. I also cringe at the 30 year old ceiling fans I have to replace. 🙂

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