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Cool Drink Dispensers | The Fresh Exchange

For a while now we have been on the hunt for a drink dispenser. I am picky to say the least. There will always be something I don’t like about a dispenser. I want the spout to be metal or the top to screw on. Things like that. So I started hunting for one online. I thought I would share a few that caught my eye and ones I am eyeing pretty closely.

Personally I love the hand blown dispenser from Food52 and the steel and ceramic one as well. They are unique and beautiful in a way you don’t normally see on a shelf every day. I would love to hear what you think about drink dispensers. Have you found one you really like? They are an essential piece to entertaining no matter the season.

Cool Drink Dispensers | The Fresh Exchange

Mason Jar Dispenser from Sur La Table  |  Wood Base Dispenser from Crate and Barrel  |  Cork Wedge Dispenser from Zestt  |  Hand Blown Dispenser from Food52  |  Glass Dispenser from CB2  |  Stainless Steel Ceramic Fusti from Aginox  |  Infuser Dispenser from World Market  |  Crock Dispenser from Wayfair  |  Stainless Steel Fusti from Italian Minox

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8 Responses

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  2. I have a mason jar style one and love it (it’s actually from ace hardware!) but we’ve only used it a couple times. Unfortunately, we don’t get around to hosting enough people to lug the big thing out! I love that woodbase dispenser.

  3. I love that stainless steel ceramic one and the one posted with the title. (: I’ve never really looked into drink dispensers, but I’d imagine a copper one would be pretty sweet. Good luck on your hunt!

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