Painting Kitchen Cabinets White – The Easiest Way

Making kitchen remodel updates for small kitchens is easy if you think small changes with big impacts. This is why how we dramatically changed our kitchen without a major remodel. Painting kitchen cabinets white in a small space is a simple and quick way to give a whole new look to your small space. 

Kitchen Update with white modern cabinets

Since we purchased our home my biggest pet peeve about our house has been our cabinets. It was one of those things that weren’t big enough for me to nix the house when we did our search, but I knew at some point I would need us to make a change. There are tons of fixes I would do to the kitchen to make it a little more us, but I knew the cabinet color was one that would make a huge impact without us spending a ton of money. We already had a great backsplash and though the granite wasn’t my taste it was a solid surface that did a great job holding up to the wear of a kitchen.

before image of cabinets before painting kitchen cabinets white

What I wanted in our kitchen was to have cabinets that were light-colored, contrasted with our original wood floors, and allowed there to be the largest amount of light in the space as possible since it is a galley style. So we decided going white was the best option. Some people would have considered just replacing them, and we did, but when we thought about the design we wanted it was this exact simple style cabinet so we decided it wasn’t worth the extra cost and ripping out the whole kitchen to replace perfectly fine cabinets. We knew it was nothing a good coat of paint (or 5) couldn’t fix.

open shelving in hall way painted white

bright modern and white kitchen cabinets - painting remodel

Sure enough, using a color such as Behr’s Ultra Pure White made all the difference in our space. The kitchen took on a whole new feeling and experience from what it originally was. The color of the cabinets and walls matched so we could make the most of the space. The beauty of using white in a space is the amount of space it creates. We talked about potentially doing the cabinets in a light gray to create some contrast and even placed swatches in the kitchen. At the end of the day we felt it just wasn’t going to give us the final result we wanted. Now, I couldn’t be happier with the white. It is very simple, but it has been so easy to keep clean and really has made space feel much larger. Plus, we updated our list of Kitchen Essentials for the space too. We were also able to add additional storage with this Ikea Ivar Cabinet DIY with open shelving.

Modern white cabinets with granite countertops

Modern White Kitchen with cream tile and granite counters

The best part of sticking with the white we have in the rest of our home is that the whole space feels cohesive for the first time.

granite counter tops in a kitchen with flowers on the counter

Freshly painting kitchen cabinets white without any other changes

Though my natural instinct when thinking of my ideal kitchen in my home is a little modern, there is a nice farmhouse quality to this space that makes it feel very home-like. One day that more modern kitchen will be something we might have, but goodness for now this kitchen is just the right one for us.

simple modern white kitchen cabinets with white tile

It is nice to see how the cabinets now pop from the floor with just one simple change to the space. So if you have a home where you aren’t 100% crazy about the cabinets, think about updating them with just a coat of paint instead of redoing the whole kitchen. You might be surprised by how a little goes a long way.

Cabinet paint color: based off of Behr’s Ultra Pure White
Wall and Trim Color: Behr’s Ultra Pure White
Cabinet Restore done by Nhance in Raleigh
Cabinet Handles from Home Depot

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68 Responses

  1. Love the look! We are having our cabinets also painted white from Nhance. Could you tell me if you used a semi gloss or satin?

  2. Hi! Your kitchen update looks great! We are planning to paint our Cabinets white and add a backsplash. Our granite is similar to yours-can you tell me What color the grout is? I’m a but nervous about balancing/coordinating White tiles wIth white cabinets. Thanks!


    1. Hi Maria, This is our kitchen in our old home and I actually didn’t pick out the tile at all it came with the house. From what I remember I believe it was just an off white cream color.

  4. I love everything about your kitchen. Im painting my CABINETS now. Can you please tell me what kind of Concealed hinges you have?

  5. Your kitchen is beautiful. SImple and CLean! Can you tell me the name of the tile for the backsplash, color and where you got it?

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