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Pin Love, Megan Gilger, hitch Design Studio, The Fresh Exchange, Pinterest

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There are weeks where you begin it wondering how things will all get done and even if you will find the time to eat right, work out, and get solid sleep. This week was that way. A meeting or two every day, a list of projects beginning and tying up the size of the Great Wall of China and personal to-do’s that make me slightly nauseas personally. I somehow have come out on top this week. I am not drained like I expected and I feel full of ideas I cannot wait to bring into all these projects. Not only that I even found time to enjoy sushi during Happy Hour downtown…how did that even happen?! Crazy what you can fit into a few days of hard work.

Anyways, I was pumped to put this Pin Love together before I headed out the door to another meeting. I always feel super inspired after working on these so I hope you feel the same. It is kind of like a good cup of coffee for my creative mind. You can check out my crazy amount of Pins if you so wish!

Pin, Pinterest, Megan Gilger, Hitch Design Studio, The Fresh Exchange

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Pinterest, Hitch Design Studio, Megan Gilger, The Fresh Exchange

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