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One little fact about me is love love love cooking and baking. I honestly could cook three meals a day and be happy and content doing so. At the end of the day I look forward to creating things from scratch and using my hands. It is one of the most relaxing things to me.

So it should come as no surprise that I have a thing for a good food blog. I have been a big fan of The Faux Martha for a while now. Melissa not only makes great recipes, but she does it with style and great typography (a girl after my own heart). I appreciate simplicity when it comes to blogs and so when I see great recipes come together with great styling and a clean look I kind of swoon a little. All the images are bright, airy, and happy. You can’t say no to that, right?!

I am yet to try one of her recipes but have been dying to do so. I came across her Pin Board on Pinterest and pinned a few I could not wait to try.

Go ahead and head on over to the blog and begin drooling not only over the yummy food but also the pretty styling and type. I promise you will be as in love as I am!

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  1. love the faux martha. it was her great design sense that first drew me in, but her recipes are just as awesome. love her chicken noodle soup (the half and half makes perfectly creamy) and i just made her salted nutella sandwich cookies – sooo good!