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Simple and Neutral  |  The Fresh Exchange

There is nothing more inspiring to me than finding really well done hand made items that just feel anything but hand made. That is why I love sharing some of my favorite finds every so often.

Lately we have been trying to minimize, which means we have been rifling through everything we own little by little, and whatever no longer inspires us we are saying good bye to. Though much of minimizing is about getting rid of things, it is also about replacing things with better or more functional options. This means you want to replace the four pairs of sandals you have with one pair that is truly beautiful and functional to you. That one pair may be more expensive than you feel comfortable with, but it’s surely cheaper than four pairs. I am finding this process to be very difficult and quite tedious. Its difficult to find the right things while still getting rid of what I have known. However   when I come across these beautiful items I begin to see a real light at the end the closet. But more importantly these items encourage the lifestyle I believe in.

There is nothing wrong with having and buying things if they truly are pieces and items that bring you joy and encourage you to live the everyday in the most beautiful way.

So here are a few items that I have on my dream list right now as we begin to filter and exchange things.

1. The Cutest Plant hangers from Hruskaa (she is in Grand Rapids and that makes me even happier!)
2. An Every Day Tote from Bagy Bags
3. Simple Modern Stools from Pecan Workshop
4. Cream Silk Scarf from Lee Coren
5. Pendant Light from Marz Design Shop
6. Silk Maxi Dress from Muguet Milan

Have you been minimizing? What are your thoughts on going about that process? Give me tips!

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