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Son of a Sailor, Etsy, Austin Texas, necklace, geometric jewelry

Megan Gilger, Son of a Sailor, Austin, geometric, jewelry

I told you all I got a few awesome things on my return from Salt Lake City so I thought I would share the second today. Watch for the third tomorrow. This one is from one of my awesome sponsors there to the right. My brother got the idea I may want one of these lovely necklaces from me 1. talking about them a few times and 2. from them being an advertiser. He was sweet enough to purchase one and I am completely in love. The simple shape, the blocked color, and the craftsmanship make this little beauty worth every penny. William and Jess do a great job with their shop and I really hope to grab a meal or drink with them next time we are down in Austin, Texas.

Make sure to check out their shop and get one of these beauties. I really am in love with my new necklace…have I said that yet?! ha. Happy hunting!

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  1. you have yourself one thoughtful brother! i’m pretty positive i will never see the day that my brother buys me a piece of jewelry. i might just have to get one of those for myself. it is the perfect shade of green!

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