How to Wear: The Boy Jean

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3 Ways to Wear Boy Jeans | The Fresh Exchange

The day the boy jean popped up as cool, I nabbed a pair immediately. I love denim to begin with but denim that is worn in and fits loosely speaks my language. Don’t get me wrong. I love a good pair of skinnies, but boy jeans are like my soulmate in the denim world.

3 Ways to Wear Boy Jeans | The Fresh Exchange

Since I have about 3 pairs and have ultimately fallen deeply in love with my lightest wash pair from Gap, I thought I would share with you 3 ways I continually style them every month. The best part is many of the items I am pairing with them should be staples in your wardrobe to begin with. So let’s jump in:

3 Ways to Wear Boy Jeans | The Fresh Exchange

Combo 1 (Far left): This is the dressy look. I love going out on a date or for drinks with friends on a Friday night in a combo like this one. It is my go-to dressy look. Yeah, I don’t get super dressy, can you tell? A white blazer gives the loose fit of the jeans structure and attitude and then the pink hues counter the tomboy look. Add a great heel to lengthen your legs and you have a winning look. One pro tip here is to choose shoes that don’t strap where your jeans roll. Choosing ones that point down at your toes or are more open will make your legs look even longer.

White Blazer from Zara  |  Silk Cami from Jcrew Factory  |  Sunglasses from Jcrew Factory  |  Heel from Vince 

Combo 2 (in the middle): This is my day meeting look. A classic white shirt works wonders in a wardrobe and paying to have it cleaned and pressed will make it last longer, look better, and be worth every dime. Anyways, this look is a favorite. It embraces the boyish look while keeping it clean and crisp. Pairing it with clean white sneakers keeps it sporty and casual while the rest of the outfit will feel more professional. If you feel the desire, unbotton one more button on the shirt and place the necklace on and let it drape down the shirt. It adds a little bit of sexy style without being at all provocative.

White Courier Shirt from Madewell  |  Tag Necklace from Madewell  |  Cross-body bag from Old Navy  |  Sneakers from Vans

Combo 3 (far right): If I could name an outfit I wear the most often it would be one like this. I actually am doing so right now. This is the perfect summer outfit. A gray v-neck is almost more than a staple than a white one (especially now with a baby white is no longer safe). On a cool day, I throw on a sweater or a scarf to keep warm in the shade.

Gray V-neck from Zara  |  Scarf from Zara  |  Woven Bag from Jcrew  |  Slip-on shoes from Soludos

What is your favorite way to wear your boy jeans? I am always looking for new combos! Let’s hear them!!

Top image from Zara

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