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Image via Everlane from the Langley Collection.   Type: hand written and added by me

Plain and simple.
Do what you do and do it well.
No matter what.
Life is too short to allow yourself to live any other way.
Stop comparing.
Stop looking for approval.
You know the path and where you want to go.
So, just go.
Go without fear.
Go with passion.
Go because it will make you feel alive.

Sometimes we just need that reminder and I am leaving you and myself with those words. To go and do your thing without fear.

A few things I am reading and loving this week and into the weekend:

1. Reading Scary Close by Donald Miller this weekend and am pretty excited. Anyone read it yet?

2. Obsessed with the Spring 2015 Lookbook for Lou & Grey.

3. I got back into a normal workout routine this week and I feel amazing. Then I saw this video and got super emotional about working out and being human and stuff.


What have you been reading this week and being inspired by? I feel like I didn’t have a lot of time wandering the internet so I missed probably some really great things!

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