This Weekend

Work  |  Snow  |  Beer  |  Sweater

Currently the sky has erupted in a blizzard, I am grabbing a cup of tea, and buckling down at home for the next 24 hours. This works well since Blog Brunch is tomorrow and we are working hard to prep to tie up loose ends and get ready to talk about Personal Projects with awesome bloggers all over.

I am sure my Instagram will be full of fresh snow images by tomorrow afternoon and Sunday so make sure to tune in. Till then I am going to sit by the fire, computer in lap, movie on, and sip a cold one while I watch the snow create magic.

I hope your weekend is well and beautiful where ever you are or headed.

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3 Responses

  1. It sounds wonderful! Meanwhile I have a sundress on and we are headed to the park to enjoy the rest of the 75* and sunny day outside. See you tomorrow at Blog Brunch!

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