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Coming home from Seattle on Tuesday was so wonderful. Not just because I knew I would be home for more than a month, but there was snow. When I got out of the airport there was an over powering feeling of home that makes the whole trip worth taking, right?!

Since we have returned from Europe I have had a hard time engaging the holiday season. Everyone was getting Christmas trees and lighting their home, when I had no real excitement for it. It was not till returning and knowing I would be home that I felt the feeling come to life. So over the weekend all I have planned are holiday things such as getting a tree, decorating, and making things that are season related. After many years thinking I may want to live somewhere warm I know after this year that I could never do it. I need seasons. I need the ever changing landscape and rolling hills to help remind of the importance of traditions and change.

To me this seasons is not just about Christmas, the buying of gifts, or the amount of glitter it is okay to wear. In my mind this season is more about the opportunity we have to cozy in, be quiet, and focus on the ones around us and the fire that warms us. Every other season is about doing, but winter is a time to slow down and let things be. In the past winter has been hard for me because I want to keep doing instead of just allowing myself to relax a little.

This year I have vowed to take in the season. Enjoy the little moments and value the quiet more than I have in the past. As the years between the present and our lives having children seem to be shrinking I have realized it is important to not take this time for granted or rush it. These quiet mornings in front of the fire and the reading out loud to each other at night in bed are really important and make the season of winter feel more wonderful and beautiful.

So next week plan to see more posts about us prepping for the holiday and some great times with friends. We are so excited about this season and all that it is bringing. Life is precious and beautiful my friends. Enjoy it.

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