Thoughts on Winter

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In The Bleak Midwinter  |  The Fresh ExchangeThe chill of the air.

The stillness of the evening.

The flickering of the lights on the tree as they dance off the shiniest of ornaments.

The sound of an old favorite holiday record crackling from age and years of spreading cheer.

The beauty of a warm meal on a cold night that is enjoyed by candle light.

The smell of cinnamon.

For that matter the smell of pine and balsam.

The raised glasses to life, joy, and remembering what truly matters.

The chance for the world to stop and remember what it means to focus on what love and sacrifice really mean.

The fireplace flickering and warming your toes.

Two words: flannel pajamas.

Warm slippers in the morning.

Thick sweaters that you want to wear everyday.

The shortened days that lead to longer nights under blankets drinking warm drinks on the couch.

That warm drink being cider and bourbon of course.

The days you wake up with your nose cold because of the chill in the house.

The snow. Oh the snow. How I miss the snow.

The pine trees that seem to have waited all year for this season. They know they shine best during these days.

The gathering of the ones you love.

The feeling of warm soup on a cold night.

The joy of giving presents to those you love.

The feelings of comfort and warmth that only can happen this time of year.


I have been missing the snow, northern Michigan, and the chill of time in the north this time of year. Falling asleep to the sound of the moan of a winter storm or even waking to roads being cleared by a snow plow of all things.

We are planning to decorate our tree tomorrow and I cannot wait. My hope is it will truly get me in the spirit of Christmas because without snow it is very hard for me. I cannot wait to play some classic Christmas music, string the lights, and reminisce as we hang every ornament. Each one has a story and a memory of a moment and time in our life together. Oh how I love this time of year.

Next week, I am looking forward to sharing our trip to the mountains where we began a new tradition of cutting down our own Christmas tree. It was so special. I am realizing that in order to make this time feel special as my Christmases in Michigan felt, we need to create traditions that bring about the feelings of the season.


Above image from last year’s Thanksgiving in Michigan. 

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