A Weekend of Musts

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A Weekend of Musts  |  The Fresh Exchange

There are some things in life that you just can’t beat such as a fresh made bed with white sheets. I have this routine on the weekends where I wash our bedding and make the bed all new and fresh. Then I spend the rest of that day just waiting for the moment I can slip in under the covers. You know this feeling? It’s pretty amazing. It’s similar to that feeling you have when you walk into a hotel nice hotel room and it smells fresh and everything has a perfect place. That’s what I love about the weekends. You have dedicated time for those little everyday things to be crossed off the list and at the same time they can be full enjoyed. Do you have things you do on the weekends that you consider musts in your routine?

There are weekends that allow me more time than others to enjoy these little moments. This weekend is one of those where I am looking forward to going through and putting everything back in it’s place so come Monday there is this sense of mental calm and clarity.

In the meantime here is what I have read and seen this week that I really felt was worth noting:

Short Girl Cuffing Trick:
Refinery29 blew my mind this week when I came across this cuffing trick that is perfect for my not so tall legs. I was completely humbled at the doctor’s office this week, thinking I was a whopping 5’5 when really I am a generous 5’3. Either I shrunk or I have been lying to myself for years. Either way, it explains why I never can land the perfect pair of pants that hits my ankles off the rack. Now, I can wait to hit the tailor just because of this little video. Complete game changer.

Year Nine by Erin Loechner
I am a sucker for love, but marriage has been a journey of love I never knew really existed. Reading Erin’s account of year nine and what marriage means in this moment in her life is the perfect reminder about the journey of what it means to tie yourself to another and how it changes you both and the beauty of the challenges. Everyday I learn new things about love so I so resonated with Erin.

Peaky Blinders
So it is still cold outside and I need something to enjoy on these dark cold nights so I don’t just overwork. I am also avoiding the inevitable ending to Parenthood so we discovered this Netflix original series from a friend and cannot get enough.

Brand Over Brain 
Last Sunday we overhead a tid-bit of this TED radio hour on NPR so we went back and listened beginning to end to this very timely and intriguing discussion about the state of branding. They break down what it means to be authentic and what is truly real in the world of blogging, marketing, and content sharing. Highly suggest giving this a listen over the weekend if you are a blogger, designer, or content creator.

Class Pass Coming to Raleigh/Durham
Not sure if any of you living in major cities have heard of this amazing program, but Class Pass is coming to Raleigh/Durham and I couldn’t be more excited about the idea. Mike and I have been wanting to spend more time working out during these cold months and joining something that gives us so much variety is very intriguing to us.

Glitter for your Enemies
I saw this on Swiss Miss this week and as someone who literally has been angry because of glitter flying from a card or box and then following 20 minute mess cleanup and not to mention the finding of it on everything for weeks after, I believe this idea is hiliarious and brilliant. Sorry friends.

Cannot Stop Listening to: Angus and Julia Stone’s “Stay with Me” Cover
If you have not heard their recent Spotify session, I highly suggest you take a listen, just make sure not to miss that Shane Smith cover. Maybe even save it for your Sunday Scaries this weekend.


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