How to Dry Basil – Using An Oven or Dehydrator

Green and Purple Basil

Basil is incredibly easy to save in many ways but drying is one of the simplest ways to save your basil for long-term storage. This is the simplest and easiest way to dry basil quickly to enjoy well past summer.  When the garden is abundant, especially if you took the challenge of growing an herb […]

How to Discover the Best Native Plants For Your Garden

Discover the importance of Native Plants for the home gardener

Learn about native plants from expert and Professor of Agriculture in the Department of Entomology and Wildlife Ecology at the University of Delaware, Doug Tallamy on today’s podcast episode.  What are Native Plants? Native plants are plants that have existed in a region, ecosystem, or area of a landscape without any human intervention or introduction. […]

How to Cook Wild Ramps

Wild Ramps - Sustainability, Cooking, and How to Harvest

Wild Ramps are also known as Wild Leeks. They are one of the first wild foods and even the first things available in the spring in Northern Michigan. Wild Ramps are beautiful and incredibly popular right now. These wild foods are gracing the covers of magazines, shown in flat lays on Instagram, they are sold […]

How to Lower Waste as a Parent

Simple Ways to Lower Waste as a Parent

As part of our Earth Day series on the podcast, I had the chance to bring in Elana Jadallah of Elanaloo to talk about low waste living. Elana is an activist that is pursuing a low waste lifestyle while living bi-coastally in Hawaii and Maine throughout the year. She has taught me so much about […]

Eat Local – 5 Simple and Affordable Ways

Eat Local: 5 Simple and Affordable Ways - Fresh Exchange

For years and years before us, humans have never had to use the word local and eating together, because eating local was just how you ate. Now in our world we can access things year around from around the world. The pandemic made it clear that though these things are nice luxuries it is a […]

What is Seasonal Eating?

What is Seasonal Eating? - The Fresh Exchange

Eating with the seasons is a simple concept and it isn’t a fad diet, instead, it is a way to heal your body, the earth, and our communities through connection, real food, and healthy soil. Choosing how we eat is powerful. Eating simply with the seasons will ground you in a new way to the […]

How to Thrive in Winter

You can listen to the recording of this podcast below or on Apple for the full episode as well. How are we friends? Just a quick check-in here. Let’s begin by just pausing for a self-scan. Like how are you REALLY doing? I love that moment at the end of a yoga class where you […]

A Simple Evening: An Outdoor Gathering with Barebones Living

A simple outdoor fall gathering around a campfire with Barebones Living. See the full outdoor gathering on The Fresh Exchange.

On the last warm weekend in October, we had our friends Laura and Sam over for a little gathering. We try to get together at least once a month with them, thus why you see them fairly often here. We currently live on opposite sides of the Traverse/Leelanau world but we have been determined to […]

A Season For Making from Christine Chitnis

A Season of Making from Christine Chitnis on The Fresh Exchange.

So very very excited to have Christine Chitnis this month as our contributor. Christine and I met via Instagram this year and I have loved connecting. In fact, we met in person while she was spending her summer in Northern Michigan and I loved the quick few minutes we got together. She felt like a friend […]

Brightening DIY Body Scrub Recipe

For the past three of four years, I have been on a strong pursuit to find and create a healthy and natural beauty routine for my skin. When I was doing a cleanse a few years back I learned how our skin is the largest organ on our body and is also exposed to the greatest […]

How To Make Diy Foraged Evergreen Garland

I have always been a gatherer. As a kid, my pockets were full of rocks from the beach or a collection of flowers from a walk through our garden or even a few frogs or turtles that were discovered near the pond at my grandparents home. I have always collected and chosen things. It is […]