What is Seasonal Eating?

What is Seasonal Eating? - The Fresh Exchange

Seasonal Eating is currently a trending conversation and I wanted to sit down and really share why these two words aren’t and shouldn’t be a trend and what it actually is. I have believed for quite some time that the way we shift our climate, our communities, and solve so many issues we are facing […]

How to Thrive in Winter

You can listen to the recording of this podcast below or on Apple for the full episode as well. How are we friends? Just a quick check-in here. Let’s begin by just pausing for a self-scan. Like how are you REALLY doing? I love that moment at the end of a yoga class where you […]

A Simple Evening: An Outdoor Gathering with Barebones Living

A simple outdoor fall gathering around a campfire with Barebones Living. See the full outdoor gathering on The Fresh Exchange.

On the last warm weekend in October, we had our friends Laura and Sam over for a little gathering. We try to get together at least once a month with them, thus why you see them fairly often here. We currently live on opposite sides of the Traverse/Leelanau world but we have been determined to […]

A Season For Making from Christine Chitnis

A Season of Making from Christine Chitnis on The Fresh Exchange.

So very very excited to have Christine Chitnis this month as our contributor. Christine and I met via Instagram this year and I have loved connecting. In fact, we met in person while she was spending her summer in Northern Michigan and I loved the quick few minutes we got together. She felt like a friend […]

Holiday DIY: Foraged Evergreen Garland

I have always been a gatherer. As a kid, my pockets were full of rocks from the beach or a collection of flowers from a walk through our garden or even a few frogs or turtles that were discovered near the pond at my grandparents home. I have always collected and chosen things. It is […]