What to Plant in the Garden in July

What to Plant in July in Your Garden

Welcome to the first FULL week of July. This means we are starting to transition things in our garden this month. We are seeing the ending of spring veggies and the beginning of the summer vegges all while we dream about fall veggies. PHEW! Are you tired yet haha. I have a tendency to get a little weary right about mid July between the heat and then projects I can feel the weight of it. BUT when I look at my drying foods and jars of pickled things and more I am soooooo happy I put in the work. It is a lot of fun ultimately and it is wonderful enjoy the flavors in the cold quiet days of January.

That said, let’s chat about some great things to either do starts of or get in the ground right now during this very warm month.

*** Mind you for those just entering the site…I am located in 6A so adjust these suggestions accordingly for your growing zone. ***

What to Plant in July in Your Garden

Bok Choy: Chinese greens are very tolerant of temperate growing conditions. That said, these guys will hold up in your garden all till the first massive frost. So keep sewing them and harvesting them at varying heights.

Winter Radishes: I try to get these going in the ground by the end of july depending on what the forecast looks like. Sometimes I wait till August if it has been really hot, but the ideal for these guys is that they ground is hot BUT you are seeing cooler nights so they get a touch of cool once they are sprouting and going. If you plant them too early they will not be good, but if you can nail it they are sooooo good and offer a gorgeous color at the right time of year.

Carrots: I do sowing of carrots early spring, mid spring, early summer, late summer. I do different varities too for fun. So sow another row of carrots. In fact place them right by your tomatoes now that you know where they are establishing and the space they will take up. The carrots open the soil for the deep tomato roots, they keep pests away, and the tomatoes will provide great shade for the greens. They are great buddies in the garden and by the time the tomatoes are done, the carrots will be nearly ready for harvest.

Chioggi Beets: These are some of my favorites and like carrots I keep sowing beets till the first week of September. After that we are done, but I like to keep beets in varied sowing patterns and different varieties going throughout the growing season. Chioggi are just gorgeous too! I pick greens for salads while the roots grow nice and big.

Broccoli: If you haven’t gotten your broccoli going yet you still can. I would suggest starts if you see a frost earlier than October, but if not go for the seeds and an early variety. I planted mine the last week of June but you are safe in most zones till mid July with early varieties.

Delicata Squash: Small Fall/Winter squashes still have plenty of time to get going. I have my Delicata just popping up and they took about a week to show up after starting them. Give them plenty of space and even a trellis. One or two plants is all you need.

Lettuce: Look for a shady spot in the garden whether it be under a trellis from squash or cucumbers or even around the base of pruned tomato plants. Lettuce will grow very well among these places even during the hottest days. Most varieties should be stars and avoid bolting once they have the proper shade.

Kale: Though your kale from spring is getting tough you may want to start a new round this month at the end of July to be ready for harvest in late August or early September when the days are a little cooler. This is a good time to get it going for fall even inside would be okay since in my zone I can harvest all the way to Mid to late October.

Parsley: Plant these guys now and they will keep producing all the way till November or December for you. I harvested parsley for Christmas dinner last year. But it is a Biannual so you want to make sure to get it in so you can enjoy it now for 2 years! How exciting. Try different varieties in various spots in your garden. Just a few seeds will do the trick.

What are you starting in your garden this month? Do you have favorite varieties? Anything else exciting you are doing?

If you want to purchase seeds check out this post for where I like to purchase them from. If this is your first garden you may also check out this post on starting your first garden.

What to Plant in July in Your Garden

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