37 Amazing Gift Ideas For Gardeners

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As a gardener I know a lot about great gift ideas for gardeners. There are many little and big things that will excite any gardener you love in your life. This collection of items is specifically for those special gardeners in your life.

great gift ideas for gardeners

Finding a great gift idea for gardeners may seem like a challenge, but really what a gardener is looking for is something that will make gardening for them that much more enjoyable. From suggested Ebooks, to a Garden dining set, to the best tools to make weeding easier or even a great jacket to help make it extra comfortable and functional while doing what they love. All these gifts will inspire your gardener to get going all over again when the weather is right for them.

37 Amazing Gift Ideas For Gardeners

1. Beginner Gardener E-Book

Beginner Gardener E-Book

If you want to help someone to get started with gardening or gain some more gardening know-how, then my E-book shares my tips to get them out in the garden growing successfully.

It includes advice on garden design, raised beds, starting seeds, tools, timings, and dealing with pests and potential pitfalls.

Everything you need to introduce a friend to the joys of gardening.

2. Blanket Shirt from Outerknown

Blanket Shirt from Outerknown

I love these shirts from Outerknown and they make great all-year-round shirts for wearing in the garden. Tough enough for work and stylish enough to wear relaxing.

They come in a wide range of colors and designs so you’re sure to find one they’ll like. They can be worn on their own, layered for warmth, or even as a light jacket.

3. Class Subscription to Masterclass

Class subscription to Masterclass

Masterclass provides online lessons from well-known experts in their fields (and gardens) including people such as Gordon Ramsay.

We particularly like these lessons from the inspirational Ron Finley. From South Central LA, he is a proponent of urban gardening, using neglected dirt patches in cities to grow food.

If you know someone with limited space, his classes will teach them how to grow their own food in any space.

4. Rodale’s Organic Gardening Book

If you’re looking for gift ideas for gardeners who want to keep things organic then this Encyclopedia of Organic Gardening is the go-to book for everything organic, and has been for over 50 years.

It has everything any gardener would need including specific information covering the vast range of climates in different American regions and a changing global climate.

5. Pruning Shears

VIVOSUN 6.5 Inch Gardening Hand Pruner Pruning Shear with Straight Stainless Steel Blades Orange

No gardener would be without at least one pair of good shears so these micro-tip pruning shears from Vivosun are a safe bet for a much-appreciated gift for any gardener.

They are spring-loaded with a comfort grip handle to make pruning less of a strain. And ultra-sharp micro tipped blades make precision pruning a … snip.

6. Click and Grow Indoor Garden Kit

Click and Grow Indoor Garden Kit

If you’re looking for a gift idea for a gardener who also loves tech then this space-age indoor herb garden from Williams Sonoma could be just the gift for them.

The smart garden automatically monitors light, water and nutrients and can be conveniently kept in their kitchen for easy use of the herbs while cooking.

7. Large Garden Tub

Tubtrugs SP26GBK Flexible Black Gorilla Medium 26 Liter/6.9 Gallon Capacity

These garden tubs are great gift ideas for gardeners as they are so flexible. Flexible in material but extremely flexible in use. They can be used for so many things in the garden and around the home – being able to hold liquids, rubble, soil, plants, trash, and even, according to the pictures on Amazon, a baby or a cat!

Whoever you give these to will be amazed at how much they use them.

8. Beautiful Ceramic Vase

Beautiful Ceramic Vase

These gorgeous modern vases add a beautiful splash of pastel color to any sunroom or home, or even outdoors on a patio.

The narrow neck holds a few flowers in place nicely and they’re available in lots of sizes and designs.

9. A Stirrup Hoe

AMES 2825800 Action Hoe with Hardwood Handle, 58-Inch

Another gardening essential that any gardener would be happy to receive as a gift is a new hoe.

And this one from long-established brand Ames with a long hardwood handle, cushion grip and a sharp double-edge blade is a great choice.

10. Gardener’s Apron

Gardener’s Apron

Aprons aren’t just for kitchens and this garden apron from the gorgeous Anthropologie is a nice gift idea for any gardener who wants to maintain their style – while crawling around in the dirt!

11. Potting Bench

Potting Bench

You may think of a potting bench as just a rough and messy plank of wood hidden away somewhere but this potting bench from Wayfair is a really elegant piece of standalone furniture.

It would look great anywhere in the home or garden so it can be used for potting in full view for a change.

12. Tool Belt

Tool Belt

How about gift ideas for gardeners who want to add a little of the wild west to their gardening? This tool belt has a certain cowboy/cowgirl holster look to it.

Made of genuine leather this soft yet tough belt has plenty of space for keeping tools easily at hand for a quick draw when needed. Yee-ha!

13. Bamboo Gloves

Bellingham C5371S The Bamboo Gardener Work Gloves for Big Jobs, Small

Going back to environmentally friendly gift ideas again, these Bellingham gloves are made from sustainable bamboo. The bamboo makes them naturally cool and breathable while still being tough and puncture-resistant.

14. Watering can

French Blue Watering Can, 3 Gallon Indoor Outdoor Watering Can with Removable Stainless Steel Faceplate Rose Attachment

A watering can is another must-have for every gardener and this large watering can makes a useful gift idea as it holds up to 3 gallons, which helps reduce trips to refill.

It is made of lightweight but durable plastic and comes with a removable stainless steel spout.

15. All-in-one accessory knife

LEATHERMAN, Sidekick Pocket Size Multitool with Spring-Action Pliers and Saw, Stainless Steel with Nylon Sheath

You can’t really go wrong with the good old Leatherman multi-tool. This Sidekick model sports 14 tools in 1 and has an incredible 25-year warranty. Yes, 25 years!

This is always a failsafe gift idea for any gardener or handyperson with endless uses around the home and garden.

16. Gardener tool set

Gardener tool set

This set of 4 garden hand tools is packaged in a box for gifting so makes a hassle-free gift idea for a gardener friend or loved one.

Made from forged and powder-coated solid steel with ash handles these tools are built to last.

17. Harvest Basket

Harvest Basket

For something a little different, this handwoven market basket would make a lovely basket for collecting your own fruit or vegetables. It’s maybe not something anyone would treat themselves to, so would make a lovely gift to receive.

Handmade in Ghana with a sturdy leather handle.

18. Ball Regular Mouth Canning Jar

Ball Regular Mouth Canning Jar 8 oz. 12 pk

These half-pint regular mouth canning jars are an old favorite with just about everyone. They’re easy to fill, empty and use for freezing in addition to hot or cold filling!

19. Sun Hat

San Diego Hat Co. Women's UBL420MDTST, Toast, One Size

Being outdoors means gardeners need protection from the sun and this trendy sun hat gives them plenty of protection with its wide brim and tight weave. And it’s stylish as well as practical, being available in various styles and sizes.

20. Wall Hooks for Drying Herbs

Wall Hooks for Drying Herbs

An inventive use for a coat rack would be to dry herbs. So if you know someone who grows their own herbs, these handmade peg rails are a great gift idea.

Custom built in any length from solid oak they will add a warm glow and pleasant aromas to any area.

21. Thermal Gardening Boots

Thermal Gardening Boots

For going outdoors in the colder months these iconic Blundstone thermal boots protect from the cold and wet. And they do it in style.

If you want to pamper someone with a stylish twist on a practical boot these classy and cozy boots fit the bill.

22. Log Carrier

Log Carrier

Now that we’re getting classy and stylish, how about this log carrier from L.L. Bean.

It’s a similar style to the Blundstone boots above, so if you really want to push the boat out (or log raft) you could splash out on both for someone very special.

23. Gift Card for Seeds

Gift Card for Seeds

Seeds may not seem like the most exciting of gift ideas for gardeners but if you get them some seeds to grow something they may not have thought to get for themselves then it could be very exciting for them to see something different grow.

24. Slate Plant Markers

Slate Plant Markers

Again, plant markers may not seem like the most exciting of gifts for gardeners but these slate ones from Pottery Barn turn a boring essential into an unusual and attractive addition to their vegetable plot.

25. Shovel


Another gardening essential given a makeover by Pottery Barn is this vintage-looking stainless steel spade. With an ash handle finishing off the ‘cutting edge’ looks.

26. Worm Composter

Award-Winning, Stylish Urbalive Worm Farm Compost Bin. Available in Gray, Ivory, and Lime Green. Start Your Vermicomposting Journey Today!

We’re still on stylish examples of normally not so stylish gardening equipment with of all things, a worm composter. With an award-winning design, it will happily sit anywhere in their home while turning organic waste into rich compost for their garden.

27. Water Hose

Water Hose

Something as simple as a garden hose could be a great gift for a gardener. They may not have one long enough, or be making do with an old leaky one.

With a choice of colors and sizes, these Heritage Garden Hoses can bring new refreshment to any garden.

28. Chore Coat

Chore Coat

Another gift idea from L.L. Bean is this classic Adirondack barn coat. It’s a stylish and practical hip-length coat that’s perfect for keeping out breezes and showers while pottering in the garden or surveying your estate.

29. Broom


This Horse Hair Broom is handmade in Germany so you know it’s a quality piece and will last for years. So if you know a gardener whose broom is getting a little ragged this would be a lovely replacement.

30. Sunscreen

Babo Botanicals Sheer Zinc Continuous Spray Sunscreen SPF 30 with 100% Mineral Active, Unscented 12 Fl Oz (Pack of 2)

For more sun protection out in the garden, this Babo Botanicals SPF 30 Sunscreen would make a nice stocking filler. It’s environmentally and sensitive-skin friendly without the harsh chemicals often found in sun creams.

31. Wheelbarrow

Best Choice Products Dual-Wheel Home Utility Yard Wheelbarrow Garden Cart w/Built-in Stand for Lawn, Gardening, Grass, Soil, Bricks, and Construction, Green

This two-wheeled wheelbarrow/cart is much more stable than traditional single-wheeled wheelbarrows so it’s a great gift idea for a gardener who may struggle sometimes moving things around the garden.

32. Grow bags

iPower GLGROWBAG30X5TAN 5-Pack 30 Gallon Plant Grow Bags Thickened Nonwoven Aeration Fabric Pots Heavy Duty Durable Container with Strap Handles for Garden, Tan

How about a fabric alternative to plastic pots and grow bags? These are breathable and have good drainage for healthy soil and plants. Available in various sizes, they look nice enough to leave the plants in while being able to move them around if needed.

33. Preservation Book

Ball Complete Book of Home Preserving

Preserving your harvest means never having any wasted fruit or vegetables. This book by Ball has 400 recipes for jams, salsas, pickles and more. Give this gift to a fellow gardener and hopefully they’ll re-gift it to you in the form of regular jam and pickle supplies!

34. Seasonal Cookbook

Six Seasons: A New Way with Vegetables

Gardeners know how important the seasons are and this much-lauded, award-winning cookbook by the vegetable whisperer, Joshua McFadden, digs deep into vegetables and the seasons (6 of them!) surrounding their cultivation and cooking.

35. Fermentation Kit

Easy Fermenter Fermentation Kit - Wide Mouth Fermenting Lid 3-Pack (Jars Not Included) - Make Sauerkraut, Kimchi, Pickles, Fermented Vegetable - Ideal Gift for Thanksgiving, Christmas

Do you know a gardener who loves their kimchi and sauerkraut? Giving them these fermenting jars means they can be making their own. They incorporate special lids that let gas escape while keeping bacteria out for flawless fermenting.

36. Rain gauge

OutdoorHome 6” RAIN Gauge. Deluxe Heavy Duty Mountable Outdoor Rain Gauge for Yard, Garden & Farm. A Reliable & Accurate Rainfall Gauge

Something a lot of gardeners may not think to get for themselves but is very useful is a rain gauge to keep track of how much natural watering their garden is getting.

This one is simple, sturdy, and easy to read.

37. Membership to The Fresh Exchange Community

Membership to The Fresh Exchange Community

Lastly, is the gift of community. Our very own Fresh Exchange community where you can get advice, tips and ideas from us and others in the community as well as videos, meditations, events, downloads and more.

Call me biased but, while this may be last, I think this is one of the top gift ideas for gardeners on the list.

Finding a great gift idea for gardeners is all about helping inspire them to get outside and do what they love the most. These gifts will all make any gardener extra happy and excited to get their hands dirty.  

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